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Company overview

PICCO is an accounting, audit and tax consulting firm applying “expertise that works” to minimize risk, maximize value, and save your resources.

At PICCO we provide forward-thinking solutions, service that exceeds expectations, and create opportunity, value, and trust for our clients, our people, and our communities. We deliver consistent Five-Star client service with independence, objectivity and integrity. We offer full service solutions with a high degree of personal attention, and believe that strong relationships are built by ensuring that clients are satisfied with their service experience. PICCO is a firm of excellence and innovation, providing invaluable services and insights to our clients, fostering a workplace culture that develops leaders and values diversity and working to make our communities better.

We emphasize ongoing, to-the-point communication, teamwork and listening to client. By learning the details of our clients’ businesses, we are able to deliver top quality work in the most efficient manner. Always we provide our services with efficiency-effectiveness-economy. We constantly strive to understand the changing needs of our clients and plan to meet those needs. We invest significant resources in things that will provide benefit to our clients, our team members and, ultimately, the firm in the future.

Our Philosophy

Develop Trusted Relationships By Delivering Exceptional Services

PICCO has a simple philosophy: develop a trusting relationship with our clients by consistently providing exceptional services. As a result, our high level of client satisfaction contributes to develop a high reputed firm.  Our goal at PICCO is to outperform the competition by providing a superior customer experience in an efficient, effective and economy way.

Quality & Service That Exceed Expectations

At PICCO, we hire and retain an outstanding caliber of professional. Our turnover is less than the industry average, which allows us to provide greater continuity on engagements.

When you engage a PICCO Practice Team, every client – large or small – receives the full attention and expertise of the most qualified professionals in each specialized Practice area. At PICCO we are proactive and exceed the client’s expectations. Choose PICCO and touch the peak of professionalism.

Shared Goals & Objectives

By engaging PICCO, you are working with industry experts who are truly invested in your long-term prosperity, and uniquely positioned to protect your profitability, minimize your risk, and better secure your business for the future. The healthy and sustainable growth of our clients is our target.

We Are Part Of Your Team

PICCO adheres to a commitment to deliver outstanding, exceptional services. We view ourselves as an extension of your team, and recognize that superior service, open communication, unparalleled work ethic, and team continuity are paramount to our mutual success.

Our vision is to be one of the most valuable brand names due to the exceptional quality of our services resulting to add value on our clients.

Our Core Values


PICCO always follows and provides adherence to accounting standards, laws, regulations, principles and ethical values of profession. Our priority is to gain your trust through the concept of consistency, probity and transparency.


We approach each client with highest level of professionalism on each phase of engagement – attitude, actions, working, advising, result.


PICCO demonstrates highest level of commitment for each client separately. We understand your needs, customize our services and always commitment to act for the best result for you.


We provide “guaranty” that any confidential information our team obtain during perform of their responsibilities, never disclosed to a third party unless demanded from law and regulations.

Quality & Accuracy

Due to high competence of our team, PICCO aim to provide highest level of quality. The strictest valuators of our services are we. Always keep the deadlines which agree with our clients and authorities.


PICCO always works with the freedom of conditions that threaten the ability to carry out it’s responsibilities. No quality compromises are made.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a superior, exceptional customer experience in an efficient, effective and economy way, resulting to add value to the client’s organization. Our priority is to achieve a healthy and sustainable growth of every client – large or small.

    • Efficiency – To maximize our clients’ return in respect of his resources invested in our services.
    • Effectiveness – Our client should take the highest quality of services.
    • Economy – To deliver the required services on clients’ budget, on time and within other resource constraints.

Our brand